Software really excites me because it’s beautifully malleable. It’s unlike any other human invention and can be made to do anything. One of my most ambitious targets is to contextualise information across media, making it more accessible and understandable for everyone. Within the sphere of technology I also include start-ups, an area in which I’ve been very active. My first start-up was probably my most ambitious project, News Timeline, which was designed to structure the news into automatically generated news timelines. Ultimately, we raised funds and signed up several asset management firms before hitting a wall. Since then I have been working on building digital businesses that improve connectivity and productivity as well as peer-to-peer platforms.

  • digital-technology-decisions

    How can digital technology help us to make decisions?

    Digital technology is changing how we work in ways that would never have been imagined 30 years ago. Sophisticated information systems now drive the rostering arrangements of Walmart employees, with every store’s timesheet now produced by a computer in Arkansas, and thousands of volunteers around the world now ‘donate’ idle CPU processing time to fight […]

  • Big Data Article By Gence Emek

    Will “Big Data” Solve All Our Problems?

    Big Data is a powerful tool with the potential to assist in making some of the world’s toughest decisions. The speed at which large samples of raw data can be collated and crunched continues to improve outcomes for large organisations worldwide, both government and private sector. “Big Data”, the number crunching, cross-referencing and aggregating process […]