In general, I’m guided by two principles: if it’s a good idea, then it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission and the other is to never give up. Although I don’t always stick to these principles, they’ve been pretty useful in some of the hardest situations. As an avid start-upper I understand the importance of getting support when you’re the underdog. As such I want to use this space to identify new, different and original ideas and give them my perspective and support. I will also try to make sense of things happening where I still haven’t quite made my mind up yet and I want to explore in more detail.

  • Courtesy of The Telegraph

    Change Politics

    As the UK general election approaches it’s really hard to believe that any real change is going to take place. The conservatives are trying to convince everyone that what they have been doing over the last five years has worked, due to economic stability. How this is measured is not quite as straightforward as they […]