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As the UK general election approaches it’s really hard to believe that any real change is going to take place. The conservatives are trying to convince everyone that what they have been doing over the last five years has worked, due to economic stability.

How this is measured is not quite as straightforward as they want us to believe. The economy is growing, albeit rather slowly, unemployment has come down to record levels and incentives are being put forward to help young people buy their first homes. These are some of the things you’ll hear Tories repeating their campaign over in last weeks. However, if you take a closer look, the number of food banks has grown rapidly, up to ten times in some regions due to welfare cuts – more are expected to come with a Tory led government. Moreover, the super elite continues to grow its wealth disproportionately whereas people hovering around minimum wage haven’t seen any increase in their salaries for up to ten years.

This growing inequality isn’t being properly addressed in any party’s manifesto other than the Green party’s. In a fair economy, surely the rich should pay a portion of their wealth equal to anyone else. The reason why this matters is that there seems to be two sets of laws for the super-rich and another for everybody else.

It is the middle-income earners and some lower income earners who end up paying larger amounts of their earnings. Some wealthy individuals have been known to pay as little as 6% of their earnings. The Green party aims to end austerity and end the stranglehold on regular working people by targeting the top 1% and closing tax loopholes. If we are to move towards any reasonable humanistic direction then a coalition between Labour and Green would be best. Anything other than this combination is a slippery slope towards absolutely no change whatsoever.

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