• Big Data Article By Gence Emek

    Will “Big Data” Solve All Our Problems?

    Big Data is a powerful tool with the potential to assist in making some of the world’s toughest decisions. The speed at which large samples of raw data can be collated and crunched continues to improve outcomes for large organisations worldwide, both government and private sector. “Big Data”, the number crunching, cross-referencing and aggregating process […]

  • Gence-Emek-Eastbourne-Beach

    Escaping the City to Eastbourne

    For Londoners trying to get a break from the city without having to travel too far or spend too much money, Eastbourne makes a great escape to unwind.   Eastbourne is a quiet but proud coastal town on the South East of the UK – between Hastings and Brighton. The locals are full of smiles, […]

  • Courtesy of The Telegraph

    Change Politics

    As the UK general election approaches it’s really hard to believe that any real change is going to take place. The conservatives are trying to convince everyone that what they have been doing over the last five years has worked, due to economic stability. How this is measured is not quite as straightforward as they […]