About me

My name is Gence Emek and I’m a tech enthusiast currently living in London. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit over 30 countries. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the US and it’s my goal for 2015 to see New York and San Francisco – it’s about time! So far one of the most amazing countries is Australia. What’s awesome about Australia, is the laid back attitude Aussies have, as well as their love for sport, and the fact that one country has such a variety of environments and climates – there is so much to see and do. What really engages me is listening to or telling a good story, I think it’s part of what makes us human. Through my blog posts I hope to become a better story teller as well as share captivating stories along the way!


Brief Story

Since graduating from the London School of Economics in the Winter of 2014 I have pursued my interest in web-technology whilst working part-time at a strategy consulting firm in London. I am currently developing skills in strategic sales within the domain of computer software. Some of my proudest achievements include graduating with a First Class in BA Hons. Philosophy from Nottingham University, raising funds for and growing a fin-tech startup whilst studying at the LSE, and running a half marathon in two hours.

Gence Emek