What’s my website about?

Welcome to Gence Emek‘s personal website! I set up this website, so I could share all my thoughts on technology and start-ups, travel and the London tech-scene with you as well as my opinion on other things happening. I am keen to keep things interesting and current with the potential to stimulate debate.  I’m super passionate about technology and how it enables simplicity and improves life. It’s usually the little things that I appreciate – one of them being Google Calendar notifications, without which I’d be completely lost. I’m also very curious about what’s going on in the world and am continually trying to make sense of it. One of the things which really gets my attention is the tendency for monology in the news and other media. The brilliance of social media is that it helps to enable multiple perspectives which in turn helps to build a more objective understanding of events – a much more realistic account of life. Other than tech and start-ups I love to travel and have been to a whole bunch of countries. My favourite cities include London, Istanbul and Sydney. I will be posting articles regularly in Topics and look forward to reading what you think too!